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Beirut, Lebanon

In its drive to strengthen its networks with strategic partners and enhance its growing presence in the Middle East &Africa, Site Technology’s Group Chairman Mr. Fadi Samaha signed a new Channel Partner Agreement with ABB, appointing Site Technology to distribute and service its Swiss manufactured UPS products, in the United Arab Emirates.

Site Technology 's cooperation  with ABB  in the UAE market was a natural continuation to its previous initiatives in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Lebanon, with a short term target to cover Iraq and Jordan soon, as part of its drive to expand all over the region.

Site Technology hosted the signing ceremony in its Beirut offices, on Friday, 30th of January 2015.ABB was represented by its Regional Director Mr. Gus Abboud, who was accompanied by UAE Sales Manager Mr. Naji Karam.

Site Technology’s Chairman expressed his full confidence in expanding the cooperation between the two companies, he said: "Site Technology is very pleased to sign today this very important agreement with ABB, the cooperation has started before, we have full confidence that it will be excellent for both parties, we expect this cooperation will grow bigger and bigger throughout the region. Site Technology has a long term plan to expand its operations all over the Middle East and Africa, and we hope that we will be able to do it with ABB, as a strategic partner. Today is a very important milestone in this journey and I hope we will succeed together and have excellent years ahead"

Mr. Abboud highlighted the importance of the cooperation between the two companies, he said: "it has been a pleasure to sign this long term agreement with Site Technology coming together; we have full confidence in Site technology not only in the UAE, but in the Middle East and Africa. This is part of our long time strategic initiative where ABB comes together with partners such the calibre of Site Technology and the management team of site Technology, we see this as going forward in a profitable growth momentum that is good for both you and us Thank you very much and looking forward for the future.”