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Beirut, Lebanon

MASTER COOPERATION AGREEMENT has been signed between the American University of Science & Technology (AUST) Beirut, Lebanon represented by President Hiam Sakr, Speech Technology Center (STC) Saint Petersburg, Russia represented by Dr. Ahmad Ramez Kassu, and Site Technology Beirut, Lebanon represented by Mr. Marwan Abdallah.

This agreement will establish a cooperation for the purpose of enhancing the contribution of all parties in scientific research and higher education internationally.

The parties of this Agreement indicate their willingness in principle to cooperate in the promotion of teaching and research activities. Under this agreement, the types of cooperation may include:

1. Students’ internships;

2. Exchange of scholars for lectures, talks and sharing of experience;

3. Exchange of publications in fields of interest to both institutions;

4. Exchange of faculty members and students for study, research and participation in educational programs;

5. Collaborative professional development to include establishment of related facilities;

6. Exchange of research data of particular relevance to Voice and Face Biometrics and Audio Forensics in the Middle East region;

7. Other activities as mutually agreed.

The institutions will exchange professionals, researchers and students on the basis of broad reciprocity in those areas of science and technology in which both institutions have mutual interest.

In respect to this agreement, Dr. Ramez Kassu of STC and Eng. Marwan Abdallah, General Manager of Site Technology, have shared the first course held ever in Lebanon: INTRODUCTION TO BIOMETRIC. The number of enrolled students exceeded 31, an impressive start for a newly introduced course.

Mr. Marwan Abdallah, General Manager of Site Technology said: "Site Technology is committed to update the professional sectors with the latest trend in technology, an act that matches well with Site Technology’s identity and continuous efforts to share knowledge in the region of interest. 

Our contribution in the agreement was the fruit of our strategy to focus on High education establishments which are working hard to provide a proper academic education and to match the applied education to the market needs in Lebanon and countries around.