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Lonarco, Switzerland

Site Technology participated in the ABB Partners conference held on April 18th, 2018 in Locarno Switzerland in the presence of 100 partners worldwide. It was represented by a senior delegation including:

Fadi Samaha-Chairman Site Technology Group

Edmond Yammine-General Manager-Qatar

Antoine Hnein-General Manager Power Division-UAE

Sanjeev Devasia-Operation Manager UPS-Power Division-UAE

Wael Issa-General Manager Power Division-KSA

On the program: UPS and Battery product updates, sales and service growth initiatives, market performance and results, an update from the factory side of things, a review of the product roadmap, as well as overall company and market strategies.

On the side of the conference the Site technology team held a meeting with the ABB Management team, the participants included:

Lara Cortinovis-Global Product Manager

Kevin Bickerstaffe-Global Sales Director

Michele Sergenti-Local Product Group Manager

Pierre Alain Gubelmann-LPG Sales Director

The discussions were focused on the Middle East market conditions as well as the challenges facing Site technology and its market strategies.

To round off the conference, ABB hosted a gala dinner in the picturesque Hotel Belvedere.

During the dinner, Site Technology Group received the “2018 Partner of the Year Award”, for “its strong market presence and overall performance in the region” according to Kevin Bickerstaffe-Global Sales Director.