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Detection Systems

Checkpoint scenarios or access control require the integration of different security measures into a multi-level security concept Only a sustainable solution will provide an effective and comprehensive security environment. 

Therefore, Site Technology offers manifold screening as well as detection solutions, which detect and analyze any potential threat before it can emerge. All access security applications are can be integrated into a fully atomized set-up.


Areas of


  • Call Control
  • Drive-thru technology (occupied vehicle scan)
  • Small footprint (small ground surface)
  • High throughput (up to 15 km/h vehicle speed)
  • High penetration (up to 25 mm steel)
  • High quality X-RAY images (2% contrast sensitivity, 0.8 mm copper wire detection)
  • Dual energy imaging (automatic material separation)
  • Radiation safety (ANSI 43.17-2009 standard)
  • OPTIONAL: Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Under Vehicle Extreme HD Color Scanner