Division Details

Smart Cities

Scaling the smart cities pilots under the purpose of bringing the traditional municipalities in the new digital era and the integration of the past knowledge with the present opportunities and the dreams for the future.

Focused on innovations, Offer services of prototyping, demonstration and validation of solutions.


Areas of


  • Connected transportation
  • Transport management system
  • Hybrid smart lighting infrastructures,
  • Smart Utilities Meters ( Water & Power )
  • Environmental management system
  • Security Management system
  • Robotics
  • Face Recognition System
  • Analyzes and management
  • Electronic Paper Display (EPD)
  • Social infrastructures
  • Smart Drones
  • Smart Health
  • Zero Waste smart infrastructures.
  • Drones & civil protection.
  • Green energy and smart districts.
  • Conservation and protection of cultural heritage and biodiversity.