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Distribution of all kinds of Batteries through a large network of value added resellers, dealers & retailers. The range of batteries includes general purpose to specially designed batteries for efficient discharges in cyclical applications.

Our range of Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free. Standby stationary batteries for backup emergency power, telecommunications equipment, and uninterruptible power supplies. Cyclic stationary batteries for renewable energy, hybrid power, solar energy and golf carts.

Areas of


We provide a wide range of batteries for various applications

  • UPS Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Standby / Cyclic
  • Security/Alarms
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Solar
  • Critical Systems

We also provide the accessories for batteries: 

  • Racks
  • Cabinets 
  • Battery Cables
  • Battery Connector
  • Cadium

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