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Automatic transfer switches (ATS): Instantaneous automatic switching between power sources. Site Technology offers a wide selection of automatic transfer switches (ATS), from 160 to 1600 Amperes in range.

ATS are built for business and industrial critical applications requiring the reliability and enhanced operation.  In business and industrial critical applications power cannot be interrupted to perform maintenance of ATS. In such circumstances, an isolation switch is essential and is often required. ATS are the solution when interruption of power during service is not acceptable. It incorporates the rugged construction of the automatic switches with a quick make bypass switch, manual load transfer handle and an interlock system, which consists of both mechanical and electrical interlocks.

ATS is available in all 3 transition types: Standard, delayed and closed transition.

Areas of


  • Cooling or heating systems
  • Main-Backup source change-over
  • Server room distribution boards
  • Security Systems & Control rooms

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