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Data Center

Site Technology has extensive experience in providing design consultancy, product selection and tailor-made solutions for Data Centers covering security requirement, storage capacity and disaster recovery resources. Backed by a global network of leading manufacturers and engineers, our quality products and services have been utilized with great success in the military, commercial and industrial sectors. Site Technology allows you to integrate technology with your current IT investments to create a powerful Service-Driven Data Center. 
Lower the total cost of your computing infrastructure and operations.
Reduce the complexity of management heterogeneous IT environments.
Reduce Operational Overhead
Free your enterprise from vendor lock-in maximize choice and flexibility.
Improve productivity and time.
Mitigate risk.

Areas of


  • UPS and Power Distribution Systems
  • Security, Real Time Monitoring, Management & Control Systems
  • Emergency Diesel Generators
  • Cooling Systems
  • Raised Access Flooring Systems
  • Overhead Trunking Systems
  • Building Automation and Management Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems 
  • Networking Systems
  • Water Detection
  • Structured Cabling Systems